An 80-year-old senior from Batangas said neither a typhoon nor a pandemic can put her down.

Paulina Serrano or ‘Inay Nena’ said she already survived several disasters –– volcano eruptions, typhoons, name it.

However, her positive attitude in life continues to power her through life’s biggest storms.

She said her children even admired her very positive attitude in life.

POSITIVITY. Paulina Serrano or ‘Inay Nena’, 80-year old of Maguihan, Lemery, Batangas dances in front of her bakeshop. She said neither a pandemic nor a disaster can shake her positive outlook in life. (Photo grabbed from Beleth Serrano Aquino FB page)

In the Philippines, the year started with eruption of the Taal Volcano, affecting the province of Batangas and areas in Metro Manila.

After the eruption, the coronavirus pandemic made its way across the country.

This November, the strongest typhoon in the world this year hit the Philippines –– destroying houses and infrastructures and claiming lives in Bicol and other areas in Luzon.

Despite this, ‘Inay Nena’ would be seen smiling, laughing, and dancing in front of her bakeshop in their hometown.

“At my age, even when the volcano erupted… I don’t want to be stressed. I was able to survive the violent volcano eruption. It seemed nothing to me. I just stayed at home and didn’t leave,” she said in an interview.

She said she was walking in the middle of a rice field going to Taal when she experienced the eruption of the volcano. She could feel the earth shaking from where she stood.

Taking care of her 101-year old mother

Inay Nena is living with her 100-year-old mother whom she got her positive attitude in life.

She said her mother recently turned 101 last November 1.

With the pandemic raging on, she sent her mother to her sibling to keep her protected from health hazards.

“I sent my mother to my sibling in Lipa three months ago because I was worried. Many people come here because they are pleased to see my mother because at her age, she still works. She’s strong, no maintenance medicine, no sickness, she just drinks milk and eat enough food,” she said.

She said she doesn’t want her mother to contract Covid-19.

A neighbor, Inay Nena said, got infected with the disease but was immediately transferred to a quarantine facility.

‘Pray hard’

‘Inay Nena’ said 2017 was the most difficult year for her, when her son died of sickness.

“The biggest blow of my life was in 2017 when my son died. But I prayed and I said, he can now rest, even if it was very painful, I gave him to the Lord, I surrendered him,” she said.

Now, ‘Inay Nena’ said she just enjoys her life.

Her late husband, she said, started a bakery business which she runs until now.

She said the business became their livelihood and helped them send their children to school.

Now, her other four children live and work in Italy.

‘Don’t give up’

‘Inay Nena,’ meanwhile, condoled with the victims of the Super Typhoon Rolly.

Her only advice is for them is not to give up and have faith.

“Their view in life should always be positive no matter what. Do not let themselves be defeated by problems. Pray. If they do not have a livelihood, try to find ways and not rely on other people,” Inay Nena said. (Marita Moaje, PNA)