A women’s organization in Toledo City, Cebu was commended by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Central Visayas on September 18, 2020, for sharing its egg produce to the front-liners in the fight against coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Rebecca Geamala, DSWD-7 regional director, said the members of the Barangay Biga Women Workers Association (BBWWA) have not thought of making money and taking advantage of the increasing demand for eggs.

Top photo: SHARING THE BLESSINGS. Members of the Barangay Biga Women Workers Association (BBWWA) show the trays of eggs produced in the farm run by the organization. The BBWWA on Sept. 17, 2020, shared their produce with the Toledo City Social Welfare Office, Toledo District Hospital and Barangay Local Government Unit and volunteers as their way of thanking them for fighting against Covid-19. (Photo courtesy of DSWD-7)

DSWD said as “helping their community is group’s top priority”, the group shared some of its produce to the Toledo City Social Welfare Office, Toledo District Hospital and Barangay Local Government Unit, especially to the volunteers.

The members of the BBWWA are one in saying donating their egg produce is their way of expressing their gratitude to the front-liners.

“Mihatag mig tag napulo ka trays sa itlog sa City Social Welfare Office, sa Toledo City hospital ug sa barangay kay maayo nalang pud nila nga sila gyud nag serbisyo karon panahon sa pandemic (We gave 10 trays of eggs to the City Social Welfare Office, Toledo City hospital and Barangay Biga because as front-liners, these offices serve the most during pandemic),” said Francisca Abanes, a member of the BBWWA.

According to the DSWD-7, the association also helped the community during the quarantine as most of the residents could not go easily to the market to buy food.

“It is a great help to the residents because with this pandemic, they could hardly go to other places to buy food and other essentials. Our neighbors and our neighboring barangays would come to us to buy eggs for a lesser price,” Abanes said.

The association members tend a layer chicken farm as their community livelihood program, with the support of the government.

Among the members, Valentina Razula, said she is thankful that she joined the association because she is still able to provide for her family.

“We have not experienced so much hardship because we still earn from our egg business,” she said

The DSWD-7 said BWWA started its business in 2018 with a PHP1.9-million seed capital fund from DSWD’s Sustainable Livelihood Program.

The association was given the opportunity to open its business that the BBWWA members have been dreaming about.

For two years now, they have been producing and selling eggs and they thank the government for helping women like them find ways to bring additional income to their family. (John Rey Saavedra, PNA)