In a pond world full of silver, there’s something that will surely glow in gold!

And in this case, it’s not just one, but two golden bangus!

The famous and world-class bangus (milkfish) of Dagupan City now has a “gold mine” with the discovery of a rare bangus with golden color.

Top photo: PAIR OF GOLD. The golden bangus thriving happily together at the reservoir of the Philippine Bangus Center located within the compound of BFAR-NIFTDC. (Photo: Venus May Sarmiento, PIA Pangasinan)

Two months ago, a golden bangus was turned over by Rommel Filomena to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-National Integrated Fisheries and Technology Development Center (BFAR-NIFTDC) in Barangay Bonuan Binloc, Dagupan City.

In July, golden bangus number two was donated to BFAR.

The fish, which came from a fishpond in Barangay Caloocan Sur in Binmaley town, weighs about 750 grams, lighter by 50 grams than the second bangus.

Former BFAR-NIFTDC center chief Dr. Westly Rosario said the fishes were turned over to BFAR “for proper care and research purposes.”

Rosario explained that the golden bangus has an abnormality in its pigmentation, similar to the albino snake, yellow catfish, red tilapia and white carabao or water buffalo.

He said the golden species are kept in a reservoir at the Philippine Bangus Center located within the BFAR compound and are thriving together.

“Mukhang masaya sila kasi magkasama sila,” said Rosario.

The recently retired center chief said strict protocol will be adopted for those who wish to visit the new “attraction” to avoid a repeat of the incident of the first golden bangus which the facility received five years ago.

Back in 2015, BFAR showcased the first golden bangus but the fish died, apparently due to stress.

This means the living bangus pair today are technically golden bangus numbers two and three.

Mark De Vera, designated caretaker of the golden bangus, said the fishes are about a year old but it would take five years to determine their gender.

“Mahiyain sila pag may tao, pero mamaya lalapit na rin,” De Vera told the Philippine Information Agency.

Atop a tower in the compound, the fishes can be easily seen owing to their glittering color.

A netizen also commented that if ever she catches a golden bangus, she would not eat it.

“Nakakapanghinayang na ulamin,” she said.

After all, not all gold are found in jewelry stores.

Some are best kept in hatcheries. (Venus May Sarmiento, PIA Pangasinan)