The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) failed to prevent a couple from Capiz from pushing through with their wedding on May 4, 2020.

Due to strict border protocols, Private First Class Braian Garino and Elyn Fuyonan decided to exchange their vows between the border of Bingawan, Iloilo and Tapaz, Capiz.

Garino is assigned at the Philippine Army’s 6th Forward Service Support Unit deployed in Iloilo, which is classified as a “high-risk” area for Covid-19.

Top photo: LOVE AMID COVID. A couple from Capiz province hold their wedding at the border of Iloilo and Capiz provinces on Monday (May 4, 2020). Due to strict border control, Private First Class Braian Garino, who works in Iloilo, was not allowed to enter Capiz where his fiancée Elyn Fuyonan lives. (Photo courtesy of MG Gimeno)

“Our municipal mayor will not allow him to cross so the ceremony was held at the border,” Fuyonan told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

She said they already prepared their papers for the wedding before the Covid-19-related community quarantine was implemented.

The ceremony was supposed to be held at the mayor’s office but Tapaz Mayor Roberto Palomar will not take the risk of letting Garino cross the border. With the absence of a civic center at the border, Fuyonan said they first tried to push through with the ceremony on the road.

“But it rained, so we transferred to a waiting shed. Maybe we were that blessed because it rained during our wedding,” she said.

Fuyonan said the front-liners assigned in the borders dressed the table in white cloth.

The event did not gather a large crowd, Fuyonan assured, as only two of their relatives stood as witnesses.

The front-liners in the borders also continued with their duties while the ceremony was being held.

“We all wore facemasks, even the mayor who was the solemnizing officer. We also practiced social distancing. Even I and my husband were not allowed to stay close to each other,” she said.

She said it might not be her ideal wedding with fanfare but it has shown the world that love can conquer all, even Covid-19. (Gail Momblan, PNA)