Most brilliant people were known for their unique and incomparable achievements. Their portraits and images are published, televised and regarded with fame and honor.

In this hardest time, as we face challenges brought about by corona virus, all are nothing!

Fame, honor, recognition and everything and everyone named as famous may have become irrelevant. Everyone is fighting to avoid this stranger. Everyone is afraid that one might be caught up with this infective agent. The virus does not choose race, age, and status in life. It grabs everyone and pins down both the famous and the infamous down on their knees.

In this time of health crisis, there emerged people where duty calls, unmindful even of the risks that they might get into just to serve the public and do their share to save lives. We may have not recognized most of them, like the cleaners, janitors, routine health workers, among other front liners.

But of course, we have our equally important frontliners that we give honor today.

The doctors, nurses and other medical experts who attend to persons with health needs, persons with suspected coronavirus either symptomatic or asymptomatic.

The militaries, police and other security groups who help each other even if the other leg is stepped on death ground. Many workers, too, both in large- and small-scale establishments are still reporting to duty not just to earn but because they are needed. Many were known now as selfless heroes, risking lives to battle coronavirus.

Yes indeed, many works as front liners. Some roared silently, some work enthusiastically even putting at risk everything they have, they sacrifice being away and or distanced from their families, they also cried while walking along the road without any comfort. Some may have been discriminated already.

Yes, they are taking the risks at this time of darkness! The fear and sadness filled their souls and entire human body as they go outside their home. But it’s a call of service; it’s an interest of passion they have chosen for. They really need to go out to know the latest happenings, gathering information, getting updated data.

And all these are for the general public to know and the entire communities and the whole nation to take measurable approach.

These groups of frontliners take the risks not just in this challenging time but all of the time. They take the risks with the desire to deliver information, to provide public knowledge on what is happening and to help save lives, save every family and the community.

Taking the risks in darkness as unknown, unrecognized but fully dedicated frontliners. They are always eager and trying hard to find out ways to actually understand the world we live in today, they serve on trying to find those facts. They are our media personalities and journalists who are taking the risks in the most literal sense.

They are frontliners too! They work and provide services as writers, reporters, broadcasters and they put their own life at risk!

However, they don’t need a book with their names, they don’t need a picture in a frame, they don’t need all those kinds of fame and recognition. But they all need your prayers.

Media personalities are vulnerable because of particular risks that they chose to take because of what they believed is important to all of us. They take the risks at this time of uncertainty to produce facts that everyone needs to know in which the public can use and have good decisions.

These are unrecognized frontliners, taking the risks in times of crisis, conflicts and other forms of darkness and they remain strong and fully dedicated. And yet, they only asked of us to help them fight COVID-19 is just to #StayHomeStayAlive. (Nilda Delos Reyes, PIA-Basilan)

Top photo: Soldiers from Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry Battalion distributes relief goods in Zamboanga del Sur. (Photo: 53IB, PA)