The Civil Relations Service – Armed Forces of the Philippines (CRS-AFP) band sang their hearts out during a promotional guesting at Wish FM 107.5 Bus in the Lapu-Lapu Grandstand in Camp Aguinaldo on December 3, 2019.

The CRS-AFP band performed three of its original songs that spoke of soldier’s heroism and patriotism.

Presidential Security Group (PSG) Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations, Lt. Commander Lady Chatterly Alvaro-Sumbeling, composed the songs for the band.

“I was immersed with soldiers during their disaster response. It is about their sacrifices, how sincere and heartwarming they (are) even without media fanfare. The songs tell the story during (typhoon) Ondoy and after Yolanda,” she said in an interview.

One of these songs is “Halika sa Kapayapaan,” which is used as the official theme song for the current AFP campaign plan, “Development Support and Security Plan (DSSP) Kapayapaan”.

Under the plan, the AFP’s mission is to conduct “development support operations” to sustain peace, ensure security, and help maintain public order so as to foster the foundation for inclusive economic and human development of Filipinos.

The group also performed a soft rock song titled “Isang Sundalo,” a song which is inspired by the many sacrifices of soldiers who are not only ready to die for the country but have taken significant roles in support of its mandate to protect the people and secure the state.

Last of the three pieces is “Daloy ng Pag-unlad,” which was adapted as the official theme song for the AFP Transformation Roadmap (AFPTR), a 15-year strategy that aims to transform the military into a strong and credible institution built on good governance.

By 2028, the AFP envisions itself to become a world-class armed forces institution and a source of national pride.

Capt. Rhyan Batchar of the Public Affairs Office (PAO), in an interview, said this is one way to showcase the many talents of Filipino soldiers.

“The AFP will celebrate its 84th AFP anniversary every 21st of Dec. We are also promoting activities which are open to the public such as the ADP Concert, Static and Kinetic display, and the Art for the AFP, ” he said.

For the 84th AFP anniversary this December 21, the organization will host a concert on December 11 at the Malabon Amphitheatre; Static and Kinetic Display on December 14 and 15 at the Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park, Manila; and the ART for the AFP exhibit that will be showcased on December 14 to 21 at the Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Aside from the anniversary, the AFP and the PSG are also preparing for an upcoming event this week, the first Presidential Silent Drill happening at the Quirino Grandstand on Wednesday.

President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged seven of the country’s service academies that will compete against each other for the top prize of PHP300,000. (Christine Cudis, PNA)

Top photo: SINGING SOLDIERS. The CRS-AFP band, the official band of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), sings three of its original compositions at the Wish Bus 107.5. The group sang stories of soldiers at work and love for the country. (PNA photo by Christine Cudis)