The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) commended a Makati City cop, who acted as guardian to a Grade 7 student, enabling her to enroll in a public school in Makati City.

NCRPO chief, Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, on Tuesday personally visited Angela Perez, a student of General Pio Del Pilar National High School, who reportedly asked Police Corporal Claro Fornis of the Makati Police Community Precinct (PCP) 1 to act as her guardian being one of the mandatory requirements during her enrollment, considering that both of her parents are in jail due to a drug case.

Eleazar praised Fornis for the commendable act he rendered for Angela.

“I read the article about it in the newspaper and I was touched by the effort done by PCpl Fornis and for that being the father of the NCRPO, I said these acts should be recognized,” the Metro Manila top cop said.

“The public may not see these simple good deeds of the police officers because sometimes, these are not newsworthy. But if we look into it closely, police officers have families too and we can always relate to ourselves to it because one of the core values of the PNP is being pro-people,” Eleazar stressed.

Eleazar surprised Angela with school supplies as a gift for the school year while the NCRPO Regional Health Service will look into her medical condition since she is suffering from thyroid cancer.

“The exemplary actions of team NCRPO that go beyond the duties and responsibilities make Philippine National Police as real-life superheroes for the service and greater good of every Filipino,” said Eleazar.

He said the PNP leadership hopes that these good deeds and the act of the police officer will also be an inspiration to other police personnel so they would strive harder, not only as law enforcers but also as public servants.

For his part, Col. Rogelio Simon, Makati Chief of Police said Fornis’ goodness showed that there are still many good cops in the PNP, who are willing to provide help to anyone compared to a small percentage of rogue cops.

“The PNP asks the public not to lose their trust and confidence in the organization and the PNP assures the public that will continue to do its best in providing quality police service and to keep the community safe and secure,” said Simon.

Perez, 14, and a resident of Makati sought help from personnel of PCP-1, Makati City Police Station who arrested her mother for illegal drugs a month ago. Her mother is detained at the Makati City Jail. Their father also abandoned them a long time ago and was seen by Angela only once. He was also serving sentence in the same jail.

She told the police that she wanted to enroll in school but she has no parent to sign the documents required for the registration.

Despite her illness, which according to her is manageable, Angela wanted to pursue her dream to finish study to help her family.

Angela tried to enroll at General Pio Del Pilar National High School last month, but she was turned away by the school authorities. She was advised by the school to return with a parent who could sign some requirements and her birth certificate.

On May 24, Angela went to Police Community Precinct 1, Makati CPS and explained to the duty desk officer that she needs a guardian to help her to go to high school and that she has a deadline to comply until 5 p.m. to register.

Without hesitation, Fornis, who at the time is at the lobby of the PCP, did not think twice to become the guardian of Angela and helped her.

When Simon also learned of Angela’s situation, he ordered Fornis to enroll her on that day.

Fornis, who is also a father of three, accompanied Angela to the Philippine Statistics Authority Makati satellite office to get a copy of her birth certificate.

Fornis and Angela later arrived at the school, where the guidance counselor kept on asking for Angela’s parents.

The police officer introduced himself as the girl’s guardian and told the counselor the story of how her mother and her father was arrested by his colleagues because of illegal drugs. Finally, the school handed to Angela her Grade 7 registration form signed by the school principal. (Christopher Lloyd Caliwan, PNA)

Top photo: GUARDIAN COP. Grade 7 student Angela Perez speaks to reporters about Police Corporal Claro Fornis (left) who helped her enroll at the General Pio Del Pilar National High School through acting as her guardian on Tuesday (June 11, 2019). Also in the photo is NCRPO chief, Major Gen. Guillermo Eleazar. (Photo courtesy: NCRPO PIO)