Students from Saint Louis University (SLU) in Baguio City developed a measure to produce cleaner and eco-friendly alternative to petroleum that can fuel cars from the Gabi plant.

Joji Takeoka, John Cyril Paco, Gregory Jones Ochoada, John Paul Galong, and Keanu Verzosa, call their invention “Bio-Gab,” taken from the word Biofuel and Gabi.

Their invention won the Business and Idea Development Award (BIDA) by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce.

According to Ochoada, Gabi is rich in carbohydrates and glucose which is the main source bio-ethanol needed to run a car.

Gabi, also scientifically termed as “Taro,” can grow in almost any type of soil, and highly resistant to floods and drought. It is rich in substances needed in the creation of bioethanol.

The boys fermented oil from the taro and conducted an extraction process to develop a biofuel. They tested it on an engine similar used in jeepneys and they were seccessful.

The boys are planning to secure a patent for their Bio-Gab invention.