The creativity of the Filipino people was again recognized, thanks to a talented 13-year-old Pinoy named Kiko Dumaup.

Dumaup is one of the 12 winners of the 2018 calendar artwork contest held by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2017. His artwork will be featured in the calendar’s September 2018 spread with the theme “Exploring the Solar System”.

It all began last October when Kiko’s mother, who was also an artist, came across NASA’s announcement on Facebook about its 2018 Children’s Artwork Calendar Contest.

Abbi Dumaup encouraged her son, who has been sketching since he was 4-years-old, to try joining the competition. The primary objective was to create a calendar that would educate students about the International Space Station and the work of astronauts.

Kiko was then a Grade 7 student of Ateneo de Manila Junior High School. Although Kiko never joined an art contest before, he began to study the sample artworks NASA posted with the contest’s rules and guidelines. He was able to submit his artwork on time, beating NASA’s November 2 deadline.

On December 2017, he received an email indicating that his artwork was one of the 12 winners chosen by NASA out of the 3,000+ entries submitted by children from around the world. He was informed that his piece would be published in the 2018 Commercial Crew Program Children’s Artwork Calendar.

Aside from this, he also received an autographed photo of astronaut Robert L. Behnken, NASA sticker patches, and the calendar itself.

Who would know that Kiko’s talent would not only be recognized by people around the world, but also those in space?

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