A photo of a flight attendant from the Philippine Airlines was lauded when a photo of her doing a kindhearted act was shared on Facebook last Aug. 31 by Rina Sheryl Estabillio-Dajao.

Chet Encarnacion, the flight attendant, was seen crouching low enough to spoon-feed the elderly woman her meal.

When the photo was shared, the flight attendant’s identity was still unknown. It did not take too long for the post to go viral as it was able to earn 70,000 likes and 32,000 shares on Facebook. This made it easier for the people to find the mystery cabin crew of Philippine Airlines. Netizens praised her “buong pusong alaga” (whole-hearted care). Eventualy, Rina wrote a personal letter for Chet through Facebook.

Dear Chet,
Finally found you! Just want to say that you are a gem. We’ve seen enough toxic news over the internet the past few months, and seeing your act of kindness towards an elderly is more than enough to give us HOPE that there are still people like you who will still DO THE RIGHT THING even if no one is watching. You must have been so exhausted on that flight yet you still managed to go above & beyond with so much grace & class. So the next time I board a plane, I will think of flight attendants like you who has so much heart & care to give on their passengers. Instead of complaining over a delayed flight; I WILL CHOOSE TO BE PATIENT & TO UNDERSTAND. Your job is no easy feat and is physically challenging but despite of that, you gave your Buong Pusong Alaga without expecting anything in return. I hope to meet you in this lifetime, maybe as your passenger. Mabuhay ka, Chet!! And to the rest of the flight attendants who takes care of us inflight – keeping us comfortable & safe. Maraming, Maraming SALAMAT!! LOVE & RESPECT”

The admirable trait exemplified by Chet shows how hardworking our flight attendant are and would even go beyond what is tasked for in order to care for their passengers. This was truly remarkable flight experience.