The Philippine Junior Muay Thai Team brings home one gold medal, two silver medals, and 4 bronze medals for our country during the prestigious 2018 International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA) Muay Thai Youth World Championships held at the National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand.

Under the 42 kilograms division for the 16-17 age group, Islay Erika Bomogao fought her way through the gold medal when she took down the players from Turkey and Thailand durin the semi-finals and finals, respectively. Notably, last year, the female athlete was also a medalist in the 1st World Youth Martial Arts Masterships in Jincheon, South Korea.

On the other hand, Jeriel Gabe Co (boys’ 32 kgs. 10-11 years) and Ashley Jazmine Gavina (girls’ 42 kgs. 12-13 years) won silver in their own matches while 2015 Royal World Cup champion Ghenyan Berdon (boys’ 45 kgs. 16-17 years), Kristian Narca (boys’ 48 kgs. 16-17 years), Prince Ian Berdon (boys’ 42 kgs. 14-15 years), and Zoren Ardales (boys’ 45 kgs. 14-15 years) won bronze medals.

Because of the 7 medals earned by the team, the Philippines placed 12th out of the 86 countries who participated in the tournament.

(Photo credit: Islay Erika Bomogao)