21-year old Rommel Tingzon took the opportunity to showcase his paintings to the world on an exhibit at a local art scene in Edmonton City in Canada.

Canadian Curator Gordon Snyder mentioned in an interview that most of the foreign visitors were captivated by the Filipino Artist’s subjects of poverty, hardwork, and realities of war.

Tingzon came from a poor family in Western Samar where he harvested coconuts and worked in the ricefields to support them. Although his family was financially restrained, this did not stop him from pursuing his love for the arts.

Tingzon was mainly a self-taught artist and describes his method as “realism in a classical sense” with influences from the styles of Fernando Amorsolo and Juan Luna.

The young artist had proven that our financial capabilities do not hinder us from seeing the world and being appreciated by others. It is through our hard work and determination which brings us further. Tingzon hopes to create more art which speaks about his experiences in life.