Clark Kent “Superman” Apuada made history when he beat the formerly unbroken 1995 record set by retired swimmer Michael Phelps.

The young Filipino-American was competing for the 100-meter butterfly at the 2018 Long Course Meters Far Western International Age Group Championships on July 29 when he clocked at 1:09.38, making him ahead of Phelps’ record by over a second. Apuada triumphantly placed first in all of the events he competed in.

Interestingly, Apuada learned to swim at around age 3. By age 7, he joined the Monterey County Aquatic Team and began competitive swimming. As young as he is, the aspiring swimmer was inspired by the dream of beating Phelps’ record.

Apuada’s recent triumph was a major milestone in his life. He is now set in in his next journey of competing in the Olympics. (Photo credit: Facebook/@SalinasValleyAquatics)