A Facebook post on policemen helping a family recently went viral.

How many times in a day do we see bad news about our men in uniform? Sometimes we immediately react. It depends though on how we see, think, and digest the bad news.

Media is the very effective tool to provoke and initiate variation of emotions and perceptions.

Let’s deviate from negativity and give the same men in uniform the praise and admiration they deserve, at the same time, to promote encouragement than patronize discouragement and advocate the sense of hopelessness.

Meet the two Police Officers who helped the family of Kelvin Pacelo.

Last rainy Sunday, July 30, 2018, the family of Pacelo was on their way to a wedding celebration in Quezon City when one of the tires of their car got flat.

Pacelo alighted and tried his best to fix his flat tire but his jack got jammed and of no use. Call it a divine intervention, two Police Officers, one by the name of Michael Villar saw them in that desperate moment, soaked, and helpless. They spontaneously rendered their help.

While Police Officer Michael Villar was assisting Pacelo in changing the flat tire, the other Police Officer was easing the traffic, which was already building up. A gracious man in his car and caught in the traffic witnessed the situation of the volunteering officers. In his swelled appreciation, extended his support by offering five hundred pesos to the officers, but the two officers declined the generous offer.

The lesson is, you cannot always repay the goodness done.

In their gratitude and admiration, the family of Pacelo posted on Facebook their story and the heroism done by the two officers. The post immediately went viral story and gained the hearts of netizens.

A simple good gesture of a policeman for a citizen is very heartwarming.

A public servant indeed. “LODI ko si mamang pulis.”

Photo credit: Kelvin Pacelo