A week ago, a video of a 69-year old blind man went viral on social media. The story of Lolo Constantino Velasquez Jr’s determination, despite his incapacity to see, did not hinder him to be able to take care of and provide for himself.

The video, uploaded on Facebook by Rhealen Arce Aure from Tagum, Davao, includes a brief narrative of Lolo Velasquez who was husking coconuts. He has been blind since birth but he alone cooks, washes the dishes, and does chores.

Lolo Velasquez may not see the underprivileged condition he’s experiencing, but having to undergo for decades the limitation he’s born with is a great deal to endure and accept. Notwithstanding the impairments, at an old age, he is still working hard for a living.

Aure’s post was never intended to earn praise but a call to action in trying to help Lolo Velasquez state and condition. She also wrote that “instead of money, it would be apt if people gave Velasquez blankets, foam or mattress, and clothes such as jackets, a hat, shorts, t-shirts and pants.”

Simple acts of kindness can ultimately change a person’s life. With this story, may our fellow-Filipinos be inspired with the proper use of social media to bring forth positive action and reinforce values that shall bring transformative conditions to the deprived and marginalized sectors of the society.

(Photo and video credit: Rhealen Arce Aure)