Neither principled character and ethical behavior could be learned from schools or be acquired from extensive trainings no matter how one would exert all efforts to earn a bit, if these are not bestowed at birth.

The innate virtues will come out once these are tested in fires. Tricks and tests would sometimes come in unsuspected places, cases, and circumstances. Just like what happened with SPO3 Alejandro Devalid, a police investigator assigned in Makati City.

SPO3 Devalid faced a crucial decision that tested his integrity on Monday, July 16, when a Japanese citizen, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, 51 years old, tried to swap his friend, Noa Shimegi, 27 years old, who was caught converting his fake one thousand dollar money into pesos at a money changer along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City. Mr. Yamamoto, bribed SPO3 Devalid with fifty thousand pesos in exchange of his friend Shimegi’s release.

This is not a bizarre situation. This kind of bait happens to just anyone. But what matters most is how that someone would respond to the ensnare of the devil.

SPO3 Devalid debunks the stereotyping of widespread extortion and corruption practices of policemen that earned them the ugly reputation of scalawags in uniform, when he did not yield to the temptation of accepting bribe money. Instead of compromising to the incitement against decency and ethical conduct of men in uniform.

SPO3 Devalid abides with the core value of integrity and honesty.