What could be the most sought family pride and dignity than for the children to finish their study. Patriarch would move mountains just for his kids to graduate and earn the degrees, he dreamt to get but somehow failed to attain so he wants to fulfill it through his children.

Raul and Mary Jane Villamejor of Argao, Southern Cebu, Philippines, live by the sea and survive by fishing yet keep their high hopes albeit financial challenges. This hope lives in their daughter Regine Cañete Villamejor, and it gives her the drive to pursue her dream of graduating to college.

To pay back her father for his relentless effort to support her, she made a promise that she will strive and exert all her energy to achieve her goal. And once she got a good job, she will help her siblings to school too. Her perseverance, earnestness, and diligence mixed with the courage of not to be ashamed of selling fish and helping her parents, are her ingredients to succeed. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of San Jose, Cebu City, in 2017 with a degree in Liberal Arts and Commerce major in Communication and Marketing.

The fruit of her parents’ hard work and her own share of labor got her the job she wanted. She is now with the Virginia Food Incorporated Godspeed Megamerchants Co., Inc., and looking forward to life’s improvement for her and for her family.