Any good teacher knows how to explain but a great teacher inspires.

In the case of Mr. Leodel Narvaez, he was espousing the values of compassion and empathy, inspiring his students “to understand what your fellow students are going through.”

A few days ago, Mr. Narvaez, a high school teacher at Gov. Felicisimo T. San Luis National Agro-Industrial High School in Siniloan, Laguna, earned praises from the netizens after his photo of taking care of his student’s baby during a test went viral. He took the sleeping baby from his student, while the student sat to take her exams.

“It would be nice if more teachers are compassionate to students.” He said.

This act was not intended to tolerate his students to engage in early pregnancy but an act to show sympathy for students who see their teachers as their second parents.

The actions of Mr Narvaez show that instead of condemning, criticizing and having negative judgement against the young student-parent, he showed kindness, offered support and reinforced positive and co-operative behavior.

In one way or another, this act of kindness also recedes the embarrassing feeling of the student and motivates her to continue her studies and pursue her dreams despite being a parent at a very young age.

Being a teacher, one also has a responsibility to go beyond the lesson plan. It is essential that they also impart and demonstrate good values which their students can also emulate.