From a simple letter, the life of a student who merely wanted to study, has ultimately changed.

Christian Jay Ordoña, a Grade 8 Filipino teacher from Bongabon National High School in Baranggay Sinipit, Bongabon, Nueva Ecija, posted on social media a handwritten letter from one of his students, which states the reason why she failed to make it to first period.

In the letter, the student said that she missed the morning class because she has no financial provisions. She waited for her mother to provide for her and deeply apologized for her absence.

Upon posting, netizens were quick to react and share it in social media. There was an outpour of positive sentiment and financial aid in which Ordoña said, “Sa pamamagitan ng mga taong hindi nagdalawang isip na magpaabot ng tulong, masigasig na pong nakapapasok araw-araw ang aking estudyante na si Marinel.”

The social media, by easily reaching numerous users and audience, has been a platform to communicate in a fast and simple way. In this case, it has been used for positive action that manifest how Filipinos can respond quickly to the call of help. It also reflects that Filipinos are not merely reactive to a certain situation but would initiate social action in order to be of help to our fellow Filipinos in need.

Three days after, Ordoña was grateful to those people who have shown goodwill to his student and added that because of their action and aid, his student now “carries a new hope and her big dream of studying.”