One way or another, we have heard stories of perseverance and determination, especially from college students juggling work and studies. But the story of Alexis Peralta, an 11-year old student from Hinabuyan Elementary School in Dagami, Leyte, was beyond inspiring.

Aside from carrying school bags, Alexis, who is now on Grade 3, carries his 4-year old disabled sibling, AJ, as he traverse 2 hours just to get to school. AJ can neither talk nor walk. “Kung papabayaan ko siya, walang magbabantay. Dinala ko nalang siya dito,” he said.

Young as he is, Alexis has served as a parent to his younger brothers. When the school’s principal, Ms Geraldine Nical, knew of his difficult situation, she offered them temporary shelter in her office.

Alexis and his other siblings currently reside at the principal’s office. After his classes, he would do other domestic chores such as cooking at the school’s canteen, feeding his younger siblings at doing laundry.

Of the striking values epitomised by Alexis, as mentioned by his teachers, is the fact that regardless of the difficulties he faced at a very young age, he never complains about his situation. Hopeful and optimistic, his only dream is to reunite with his mother.

His teacher posted photos of the brothers and went viral on Facebook. When they were featured by Jessica Soho in her Tv program, netizens poured their financial support to the brothers. Not only did they receive financial assistance, someone provided a house and lot for them.

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