“Alas-tres pa lang ng umaga, namamasura na ang 51-anyos na si Tatay Cristito. Mahigit dalawang dekada na niya itong ginagawa hanggang sa nito lang Abril, napagtapos na niya ang anak sa kolehiyo! Maantig sa kanyang kuwento ng pagsusumikap at sakripisyo sa video na ito!” — GMA Public Affairs

We all have goals in life. We work hard, diligently and tirelessly, because we want to achieve that goal.

At times, there would be setbacks. Events in our lives will not always course through a positive path. It will try to test us, provoke us, and even put us in hopeless situations. But the story of Tatay Quimado speaks otherwise.

A 51-year old garbage collector, Tatay Cristito Quimado exemplifies such traits worth emulating – that of resiliency, determination and pride.

Tatay Quimado may be an ordinary Filipino who has a job that most people would find unpleasant and repulsive but as a father, he never let it become a hindrance to fulfill his dreams for his children.

For 20 years, he has been collecting people’s trash. His income was insufficient and has almost nothing to give for his children, except a good quality education.

Despite the everyday trial of providing the basic necessities, this father of five was still able to make ends meet. This year, his daughter, Jenny Rose Quimado, was able to graduate from college.

Such remarkable success of Tatay Quimado is an affirmation of the Filipino proverb, “Kung may tiyaga, may nilaga.”